Skipper Jones: Atlanta’s Rising Star MC

skipper jones pic

Urban Shake staffer, Alexis Garrett, sits down with BMI Urban Showcase winner, Skipper Jones, to discuss the rapper’s recent win, upcoming releases, and future aspirations.

Alexis: You were named the winner of the BMI showcase this year. Congratulations on that.  What did that accomplishment mean to you?

Skipper Jones: Thank you so much. It is the start of something new. It just meant that it was a small accomplishment and we are working on more. Not that I’m taking it lightly or anything but I have more that I want to accomplish.

Alexis: Where you born and raised in Atlanta?

Skipper Jones: Yes, south side.

Alexis: When did you first you had a talent as a lyricist?

Skipper Jones: It developed over time. When I was a young kid used to sing then I branched out and did rap because my peers did that when we were about 8 years old.  When I was 14 or 15 I really got serious about it though.

Skipper Jones 2 - BMI Urban ShowcaseAlexis: I listened to your song “Therapy” and I felt like it had kind of a J.Cole flow. Do people often compare you to him?

Skipper Jones: Therapy is actually an old song, but yeah, I get that all the time. They tell me I look like him all the time too. But I think my style of music is different. He’s more of a storyteller  and I’m more laid back. I’m more traditional with music. I want to have a familiar sound but I am different.

Alexis: Is he one of your inspirations?

Skipper Jones: Yeah, most definitely.  J. Cole, Jay Z, Nas, the 90’s rappers from up north like Jersey, Philly, and New York.

Alexis: What are some obstacles you have had to overcome to get to the place you are now in your career?

Skipper Jones: The major obstacle was getting my weight down. People don’t realize how hard it is getting your levels right on the show. It’s a lot of work to produce a show to please your audience. It’s all about weight and getting your routine.

Alexis: What goal have you accomplished so far that you are most proud of?

Skipper Jones: I have stayed consistent and I’m seeing a lot of rewards because of it. Consistency is the most important to me. BMI has opened a lot of door and I am proud of that accomplishment.

Alexis: You worked with Ryan Leslie on your song “Good Girl” how was that experience with him?

Skipper Jones: I just put a hook on the song. Ryan Leslie is one of my biggest inspirations as well. When I have writers block I look up his YouTube videos.

Alexis: What other artists do you really wish to work with?

Skipper Jones: It’s so many. As far as hip hop, J.Cole, Dom Kennedy, any up and coming artist. If I got an album or a mixtape, I want to do it with hungry artist. As far as R&B I want to work Musiq, Ryan Leslie and Bridget Kelly.

Alexis: Do you have a mixtape coming out?  What can your listeners expect from you?

Skipper Jones: We have one dropping and we are working on some new music. There isn’t a name yet but when it does drop, they can expect just me on a personal level. What I’ve seen, lived, and been through. They can be able to relate to everyday living to clubbing. They can evolve with my music.

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