Quickie Mart: Aliens, Politics…and Everything In Between

Quickie Mart is possibly one of the most sensationally diverse DJs that I’ve ever met.  From doing rap projects with rapper, Freddie Gibbs, to rock band, Nico Vega, QuickieMart is putting in serious work as a DJ, producer, artist, and pretty much everything in between!  He’s tied to someof the hottest artists, events, and entertainment arenas of today and his music is reaching both national and international heights.

Although he started in the 90s in the rave and hip-hop scenes, Quickie Mart was always into music. Coming from a musical family, his roots stem all the way back to classical piano.  A favorite in both rock and hip-hop communities, this New Orleans-bred guy has been praised for his ability to adapt to different musical genres and truly relate to people everywhere.  “People put all kinds of labels on me so I would just say eccentric. I’m always trying to do something out of the box.  I do so many different things.  In all honesty, I just make music that I like and hope that people will like it, too.”

Quickie Mart is a pretty unique and memorable name.  “I got my name from a friend in New Orleans named Money Mike.  I could never pick a DJ name.  I went through so many terrible names for so long and he just started putting Quickie Mart on the flyers.  I hated it for the longest time, but people really started remembering it.  He passed away a few months after he gave it to me. It’s been a while, rest in peace, Money Mike, but I kept it.  It meant more than any other name that I had.”

Inspired by everything around him, Quickie Mart’s greatest inspiration comes from his love and commitment to making other people happy.  “People inspire me the most.  When I’m creating, I always create with people in mind.  Of course, I like what I do, but I want other people to enjoy it, too so I always create in the mindset of sharing with other people.”

QM sites his “Space Monkey Radio” EP as possibly one of his biggest projects to date…and the coolest to work on.  With official remixes from Slightly Stoopid, Freddie Gibbs, Ricky B, Shyvonne, and Justina, the project has gotten pretty dope reviews.  “It’s pretty amazing to see Freddie go through such change and still be the same dude.  He’s a genuine article, the real deal so working with him is like an honor and we’re working on new stuff for him.  We’re doing more remixes for him on my next LP, which is the follow-up to ‘Space Monkey Radio.’”

Music can definitely be one of the hardest industries to get into, but overcoming challenges associated with getting into the business of music has really grown his career.  “This industry is tough, especially with how music sales have changed so much from physical to internet.  It’s a whole new generation of people, like us, that are learning how to generate a profit from that to be able to pay the rent and keep food on the table.  Mainly, the thing about music is that you have to sacrifice everything and I’ve literally sacrificed everything in my life for it.  It’s no easy road and it can be a financial and emotional struggle, but you pay the price to live your dream.”

This is only the beginning for our homie, Quickie Mart.  “I just see myself doing what I’m doing but on a larger scale.  I’m just going to continue making good music and making people happy.”

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